July 24

How to protect yourself against Online Rental Property Fraud

As Rent Relay’s electronic rent service becomes more popular, we’re pleased to see a spike in client inquiries. However, we’ve found out that our company’s name has been used in a Craigslist and Kijiji rental scam. We wanted to quickly provide this post to help the public become aware of the risk and protect themselves against rental property.

April 23

How to Rent to Mr. or Ms. Right

Finding your “dream tenant” is a lot like trying to find the perfect employee. You want someone you can rely on to take care of your unit and contribute to your business. To find a good tenant fit, you have to look beyond the job description, or in this case the tenant description, and probe.

February 17

Frankly Speaking Feng Shui

Before we start, a distinction should be made between traditional Feng Shui, which dates back six thousand years, and the modern form that has developed in the West. Traditional Feng Shui consists of a collection of rules which are designed to optimize the ebb and flow of energy (chi) in bodies and objects for peak tranquility. Imagine the.