Did you know? Canadian Landlords spend an average of over 800,000 hours manually collecting and processing rental payments every month.

That’s a lot of time spent pushing paper.

There is a smarter way : Rent Relay


*Save Time:

No more chasing after rent cheques, waiting for cheques to

clear or manually tracking down bounced cheques or cash


*Spend your Time Managing, not Traveling:

Eliminate trips to collect cheques or performing bank deposits


*No More Paperwork Headaches:

Enjoy effective and responsive record management with automated rent payment collection, reconciliation and tracking


*Improve your Current Workflow with Tools that work for You:

Exportable data reports work with existing accounting software


*Communicate Pro-actively:

Enhanced messaging  for scheduling reminders, receiving immediate alerts, and for  clear communication between managers and tenants


*Manage your Rent Payments from Anywhere, Any Time:

Rent Relay’s Smart Rent System™ is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


*Improve the Customer Experience:

Set yourself apart from your competition, by offering rapid and convenient payment options