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Rent Relay is a fully automated online rent management system. Property Managers will see significant time savings for rent processing and settlement every month.

You can just sit back and relax as normal payments are transferred directly to specified bank accounts.

How awesome is that?

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What our clients think of us

I don’t need to go out to the bank to pay my rent anymore, thanks to Rent Relay. With winter on the way, I stay warm at home.
Carrie Matthews – Edmonton, Alberta

I love using Rent Relay to pay my landlord. I always forget cheques, but with their electronic system, it is a breeze.
Cam Ho – Markham, Ontario

My out of town rentals are now covered. I don’t need to drive out every first of the month! Thanks guys!
Michael Hunt – Ottawa, Ontario

Rent Relay has been a great help in rent collection. The speed of processing payment, combined with their excellent customer service has been a joy to use. Thank you, Rent Relay.
John Tang – Toronto, Ontario

I love how easy it is to use this service. And so do my tenants. Thanks for helping us out, Rent Relay.
Ronald Donovan – Calgary, Alberta

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