Rent Relay maximizes consistent and rapid rent collection and settlement.


Feature Rent Relay
Multiple Payment Methods Online bill payment,
Pre-authorized payment
Payment Scheduling
Back-Office Integration
Exportable Reports and Audit Reporting Capacity
Online Registration
Automated Alerts and Reminders


* Accept multiple payment methods:

– Pre-Authorized Payments and Online Bill Payments


* Versatile Payment Scheduling and tracking

– “Set it and forget it” Schedule regular payments, get alerts for

missed payments and generate session activity reports.


* Automate and Integrate

– Rent Relay tools work easily with your back-office systems.


* Easy and Secure online registration for

property managers and tenants

– Reduce paperwork and securely protect private information.


* Prompt payment collection, reconciliation and settlement

– Receive and track your funds with ease


* Enhanced Messaging improves communication

– Easily send, receive and track tenant messages, alerts and requests