About Rent Relay

Rent collection is more time-consuming and complicated than it should be.

We knew there had to be a better way, so we built it.

Designed by Property Managers for Property Managers.

We understand your pain during rent week. You have better things to do than wait for cheques, chase cheques, sort cheques, and deposit cheques. All that time spent on paperwork and trips to the bank should be spent on what you do best: managing your properties.


Rent Relay has developed an automated online rent payment management solution which allows property managers to increase the speed and consistency at which their clients receive their rental income by streamlining the rent collection and settlement process.

The Rent Relay Smart Rent™ system is designed with improvements to property manager’s workflow in mind,with features such as a user-friendly system interface,  scheduled payments, automated alerts, exportable data reports, enhanced messaging and faster settlement times.


The Company


The Rent Relay concept was conceived after a particularly frustrating time spent collecting rent cheques. After traveling to two different municipalities and three banks, there were still some payments that needed to be collected. Every month, time was spent just waiting. Waiting for the bank statement. Waiting to find out if a cheque went NSF.  Waiting for alternative payment arrangements.  And then a light went on.


What if you didn’t have to deal with cheques, or any form of paper payment ever again?


The Rent Relay Team is committed to helping property managers add value to their service offering by creating operational efficiencies through automation and workflow simplification.  Rent Relay Smart Rent™ system users will significantly reduce rent payment administration costs, consequently delivering greater returns to their investment clients and setting themselves apart from their non-automated competitors.


By combining insight from property management experience with creative and dynamic business application design, Rent Relay’s strong technical team has developed automated business solutions which emphasize user-focused design at every level of the payment chain.

Our highly trained customer service personnel are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible and will extend every courtesy in order to help property managers maximize the utility of the Rent Relay System.


The Rent Relay System


The Rent Relay system has a number of features that offer better support to the property manager:

  • Significant reductions in the occurrence of returned payments and rapid notification
  • Seamless back office system integration which improves workflow
  • Robust tracking tools which can pinpoint items of concern rapidly
  • Automated scheduling, alerts and reminders in order to facilitate proactive payment habits and resulting in more consistent revenue
  • Enhanced messaging improves communication between property managers and tenants
  • Get the big financial picture and manage cash flow with on demand reports and accurate record keeping